AmCham Belgium Corporate Taxation topic

  • Corporate taxation is a key factor in investment decisions.
  • The corporate tax rate is the primary focus of potential investors and should be brought in line with the average EU applicable rate.
  • Companies need a stable, certain and best-in-class tax environment created by a business-friendly government.

AmCham Belgium Country Governance topic

  • Belgium's governance structure is complex and inefficient. 
  • Belgium must invest in public sector efficiency, by managing public spending more efficiently and cutting administrative burdens.

AmCham Belgium Healthcare topic

  • The innovative healthcare industry in Belgium is largely driven by foreign investment and contributes significantly to the country’s economic performance.
  • The Belgian healthcare system is highly complex, which leads to waste, administrative burdens and a lack of coordination between stakeholders.
  • Belgium needs to invest in long-term healthcare sustainability and foster innovation.

AmCham Belgium Labor Market topic

  • Talent is key to a healthy economy.
  • To improve its attractiveness to foreign investors, Belgium needs to further reduce the cost of labor and encourage new skills development and labor market flexibility.

AmCham Belgium Mobility topic

  • Congestion has an impact on productivity and quality of life.
  • Belgium is a logistics gateway, with its central geographic location, dense transport networks and skilled workforce.
  • Belgium must invest in infrastructure.