United Fund for Belgium (UFB) supports associations hosting Ukrainian refugees and calls for donations 


La Hulpe, 3th March 2022 - United Fund for Belgium (UFB) reacts quickly to the humanitarian disaster in Europe.

We cannot remain indifferent to what the Ukrainian people and all the refugees who will arrive in Belgium are going through. 
The Belgian government has taken a stand and will welcome and protect every Ukrainian, but counts on the solidarity of the Belgian population to help them integrate. 
And social integration is our mission!

- underlines Catherine Tricot, Executive Director of UFB

With heavy casualties, crowds of Ukrainian residents leaving & fleeing their homes as the crisis unfolds, we are all watching the war escalate in real time and cannot remain indifferent. We, at United Fund for Belgium, were wondering how we can help.

Making a donation that might seem like a drop in the ocean during these times, is a good place to start. That's why we decided to launch our own special fundraising campaign #United for Ukrainians.

We want to support various associations & structures for refugees that will soon need the necessary funds to welcome Ukrainians and specially women & children.

Many companies, employees & individuals will stand together with us to help those refugees in Belgium.

We will have to make joint efforts to integrate these people into our everyday life. Sustainable housing is therefore one pillar of our appeal next to the others, like schooling for children or finding a job, so that these heartbroken people can get on with their lives.

Start today, support now & donate for the critical needs of UFB's beneficiary associations.
Make a special online donation or on the UFB Bank Account BE71 9530 0000 0369 with mention “UNITED FOR UKRAINIANS”. Every gift of 40€ and more is tax deductible. 

In the name of UFB and the refugees, in advance many thanks!

About UFB, United Fund for Belgium

United Fund for Belgium is a Belgian non-profit organization. Its mission is to help people in need by financing projects of charities in Belgium.
UFB collects donations from companies, organizations and individuals and 100% of the funds collected are fully REDISTRIBUTED to local charities, active throughout Belgium, to support concrete projects.
UFB's objective is to improve SOCIAL INTEGRATION by investing in projects that have a direct impact on the beneficiaries in 3 areas: the well-being of children, poverty reduction and support for people with disabilities.
The association has the approval of the Belgian government and can thus offer tax deductibility to its donors.
UFB has allocated more than € 26 million to 2,500 charitable projects in Belgium since its creation in 1972.
100% of the donations are distributed to the projects, with a governance model guaranteed by the AERF "Association pour une Ethique dans les Récoltes de Fonds" and Donorinfo.
United Fund for Belgium is THE partner of companies in social commitment (CSR) by facilitating the identification of projects, ensuring the proper use of funds, promoting the involvement of staff in activities that contribute to social integration in our country.