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ONTOFORCE recently launched a beta version of the DISQOVER COVID-19 Edition!  A coronavirus-specific edition of our self-service knowledge discovery platform that aims to improve the organization, integration and accessibility of rapidly evolving information related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our motto at ONTOFORCE is 'links for lives' and our vision is to democratise access to data for everyone. In creating and launching this platform today, we aspire to help research scientists, healthcare providers and interested citizens find up-to-date information they need to make good decisions, deliver great care, and develop a cure.

said company founder Hans Constandt

Free of charge to everyone and updated daily, the DISQOVER COVID-19 Edition brings together siloed knowledge as it emerges around the world into one place. Included are up-to-date information on clinical studies, scholarly articles (including peer-reviewed and pre-print manuscripts), patent documents, drugs and other interventions, genes and disease phenotypes, and much more. With the DISQOVER COVID-19 Edition, everyone can:

  • Monitor the evolving worldwide clinical study landscape related to COVID-19 and drill into study record details for individual trials anywhere in the world
  • Access the latest scholarly articles on COVID-19, including late-breaking pre-print manuscripts that contain the latest data but have yet to undergo review
  • Create, save and share your own DISQOVER search results to keep yourself and others aware of the most relevant, comprehensive and up-to-date data available
  • and much more. More than 150 siloed data sources have been ingested into the DISQOVER COVID-19 Edition, integrating more than 335 million datapoints.

To learn more, and to create your free account to access the DISQOVER COVID-19 Edition, please click hereHappy DISQOVERing!


ONTOFORCE develops groundbreaking visual analytics, semantic search, and linked data technologies that are used by life science, healthcare delivery, financial service, and events management enterprises worldwide. With offices in Ghent (Belgium) and Cambridge (USA), ONTOFORCE's mission is to make everyone a citizen data scientist by democratizing access to data and insights from public, private, and third-party sources. Because smarter data enables smarter decisions.

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