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Janssen starts production of disinfectant hand liquid to fill hospital shortages in the fight against the corona virus

Beerse, March 22, 2020 - This Sunday, a new production line will start on the Janssen Pharmaceutica production site in Geel to fill the acute shortage of disinfectant hand liquid in Belgian hospitals. The emergency production is realized in close collaboration with the federal government, Zorgnet-Icuro, UZ Leuven, and UZ Gent.

Hospitals use disinfectant hand fluid for a wide variety of activities, including performing operations. In Belgium, about 20,000 liters of disinfectant hand liquid is currently required to meet the demand of various healthcare institutions. In several hospitals, the available reserves will already be exhausted next week.

In consultation with the government and various (university) hospitals, Janssen investigated how the acute demand for disinfectant hand liquid could be met immediately. Because Janssen does not currently produce disinfectant hand liquids, it was decided to start a new production process at the chemical production site in Geel. The Janssen site in Geel allows a quick start of a new production in accordance with all quality and safety regulations.

Thanks to the voluntary efforts of a large number of employees, it is also possible to organize emergency production in addition to the normal production of other essential medicines. The supply of other medicines for patients is therefore not compromised.

Stef Heylen, Managing Director Janssen Pharmaceutica

From Sunday on, Janssen will start the production of "batches" of 5,000 liters and fill them in manageable barrels of 10 and 20 liters. If everything goes according to plan, the disinfectant hand liquid can be delivered from Tuesday to UZ Gent and UZ Leuven, after which they will be further distributed within the hospital and care network. Janssen produces and supplies the disinfectant hand liquid for free during the first month, after which a re-evaluation follows.