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Actions taken during the COVID-19 pandemic at Coca-Cola in Belgium and Luxembourg

We are going through unprecedented times and only together will we be able to overcome this health crisis. We hope that you and your family and friends are in good health, and if that is not the case, we wish you lots of strength.

We would hereby like to inform you about the actions we have taken during this COVID-19 pandemic. At Coca-Cola in Belgium and Luxembourg (Coca-Cola Services & Coca-Cola European Partners), we are committed to supporting our employees and consumers, customers and communities during these COVID-19 times. We also recognize and appreciate the efforts of our health care system in these difficult times and continue to provide support where we can during the further course of this crisis. Furthermore, we are doing everything we can at Coca-Cola to keep our food chain running.

We discontinued all marketing activities for our brands in April and May to focus fully on our key priorities: ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees, providing optimal support to our customers and making a difference in our communities for those who need it most today.


Our people

We are experiencing unprecedented times, and only together we can overcome this health crisis. We keep our food chain going thanks to the work of our colleagues. We have in turn given colleagues who work on the front line (production, logistics and field sales) a solidarity bonus of €300 gross per month in the first months of the crisis.

Furthermore, some of our customers have been temporarily closed in compliance with the measures taken, so we too have had to resort to temporary unemployment because some of our activities have come to a standstill. For all these employees we provide an adjusting payment of up to 100% of the gross salary.

Our customers

We want to be there for our customers in this unprecedented situation, to support them in the best possible way. The government measures that were (and still are) necessary to get through this health crisis have a major impact on everyone: on consumers, on our customers in the various sectors and on us as producers. We take to heart support for our customers who have been hard hit by this crisis.

For example, together with many other companies and suppliers, Coca-Cola European Partners took the initiative to launch '#horecacomeback': an online platform where consumers can buy vouchers from their favourite hotel and catering establishment. The proceeds from the sale of the vouchers enabled hotel and catering entrepreneurs to generate cash flow at a time when all income had disappeared so as to finance their fixed running costs.

The government measures that were and still are necessary to get through this health crisis have had a major impact on everyone. Coca-Cola then launched the #horecaheroes, a new initiative to help the local hotel and catering industry get back on its feet. We do this by offering more than 700 hotel and catering operators the opportunity to reward 5 people each. Operators can welcome people who have had a hard time in recent months or have done something special for society to enjoy a drink or a meal in their café, bar or restaurant at Coca-Cola’s expense. In this way, we want to mobilize more than 3,500 people to rediscover the hotel and catering industry in a safe way. Following this initiative, we will donate €40,000 to Restos du Coeur, an association with 17 restaurants in Belgium that provide meals to people in need in a welcoming and friendly setting.

Those in dire need

The Coca-Cola Company, its bottling partners and The Coca-Cola Foundation have donated $120 million worldwide to the hardest hit communities. Coca-Cola was thus able to support the Red Cross in Belgium with an amount of $500,000 (approximately €460,000) thanks to The Coca-Cola Foundation. The donation in Luxembourg amounted to $50,000 (approximately €46,000).

Coca-Cola supports the following projects (among others):

  • In Belgium, the donation from The Coca-Cola Foundation helps to set up link care centres, purchase extra mouth masks and protective equipment. We also offer support to the Emergency Social Intervention, where volunteers provide phone support to people who have questions about the coronavirus crisis or need psychological assistance. In Luxembourg, the donation from The Coca-Cola Foundation helps equip ambulances so that defibrillators and mobile respirators can be purchased.
  • In addition, Coca-Cola European Partners Belgium also provided hospitals and food banks in Belgium and Luxembourg with more than 650,000 complimentary beverages and collected protective equipment such as mouth masks and aprons to donate to healthcare personnel.
  • Coca-Cola's R&D centre in Anderlecht embarked on the production of 3000 bottles of hand sanitizer. These were used for its own staff and some were donated to Anderlecht's Public Welfare Agency, which will make them available in particular to its caregivers in residential care centres.
  • Coca-Cola also donated more than 900 computers and computer equipment to "Close The Gap", an organization that ensures that underprivileged young people can take courses online.
  • Coca-Cola European Partners Belgium provided €20,000 in financial support to the Catholic University of Leuven and its Medical Centre’s research into a vaccine against COVID-19. Each of 8 local branches of Coca-Cola European Partners was able to choose an organization affected by the coronavirus crisis to support, for a total amount of €40,000.
  • When this is possible again, we will join forces with other companies in our own and related sectors to support our communities and customers as and when possible again. We look forward to further exchanges of proposals and dialogue.

Eva Lefevre
Director Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability Belux
Coca-Cola European Partners

Laura Brems
Director Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability Belux
Coca-Cola Services

Jean Eylenbosch
Vice-President European Government Relations
Coca-Cola European Partners