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AB InBev announces multimillion Euro package of support for European public health workers

AB InBev, the global brewer, has unveiled a package of support for frontline European services in the fight against COVID-19, as the number of cases continues to rise in Europe.

The Belgium-headquartered brewer is producing 50,000 litres of ready-to-use disinfectant alcohol, using the surplus alcohol from its alcohol-free beers, including Jupiler 0.0 and Beck’s Blue, for European hospitals.

This initial run of disinfectant alcohol, produced in partnership with KWST GmbH and Jodima, will be delivered with the help of Jost Group to crisis-coordination teams and governments across Europe to distribute it to hospitals that need it most. AB InBev has committed to producing and donating more as needed. 

A further 26,000 bottles of hand sanitizers have also been produced from the alcohol removed from alcohol-free beers. These 250ml bottles will be given out to pharmacies and frontline workers across Europe.

This week, 7,000 of these hand sanitizers, produced with the help of Bio Essentials, will be handed out for free in Belgium to Familiehulp, the Flemish family care service. Since these care service providers are in contact with people in need every day, their personal protection is particularly important.

Unlike many other products you buy, beer is local – we grow our barley here in Europe and brew it close to source in our breweries, which means we are deeply rooted in our local communities and will do everything we can to help them in these times.  Turning our efforts from brewing with barley and hops to producing disinfectant and hand sanitizers was a different challenge, but one that we rose to given the current situation.

Jason Warner, President of AB InBev in Europe 

AB InBev’s famous Beck’s brewery in Bremen, Germany, has also completed a first production run of 1,000 disinfectant liquids, re-packaged in flint Beck’s beer bottles, and distributed to local businesses and services as supply shortages intensify.

Jason Warner continued:

Beer has been bringing people together for hundreds of years. In this unprecedented time we want to turn our attention to supporting public health efforts and ensuring those around us can stay safe and healthy. We thank the frontline workers who are tirelessly battling COVID-19 and as a gesture, we’ll be handing out over a million of our alcohol-free beers to them in the coming weeks, so we can raise a toast to their great work.

This giveaway of alcohol-free beers started in Belgium last week, with bottles and cans of Jupiler 0.0 distributed to 380 Belgian hospitals and nursing homes.