Working from home in a Belgium and Netherlands context - a new reality?

Tuesday, November 24, 2020
11:30 to 12:30



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The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed homeworking on most of the workforce, which in a cross-border context, can have important tax consequences. A number of government measures have been taken to minimize the negative effect of this. For example, a COVID-19 Belgian-Dutch tax agreement was concluded for cross-border workers, and the social security authorities of the Netherlands and Belgium, among others, have developed a tolerance policy in these cases.

In this context, the Deloitte Global Employer Services teams of Belgium and the Netherlands have joined forces and are organizing a Belgium-Netherlands online session in Dutch.  Information will be provided about the Belgian and Dutch tax and the social security position for the cross-border worker under particular COVID-19 schemes and measures.

Morevover, it seems that we are moving towards a new reality in which working from home will continue to be more prevalent. What happens when the above temporary measures will no longer apply? Many companies are currently reviewing their homeworking policy, in which homeworking in a Belgium-Netherlands context will be relevant for many other companies. These matters and other relevant points will be discussed during this online session.


  • Koen Beckers, Partner, Global Employer Services, Deloitte Belgium
  • Uschi Van Doren, Senior Manager, Global Employer Services, Deloitte Belgium
  • Valérie Ramaekers, Senior Manager, Global Employer Services, Deloitte Netherlands