Supply Chain Risk Management is back for good

Thursday, November 26, 2020
16:00 to 17:00

COVID-19 substantially changed the vision we had of supply chain risk management. The focus being previously on cost efficiency in supply chains, companies are now reviewing their supply chains for risk mitigation and resilience.

  • How do you proceed to perform a sound analysis?
  • How to come up with effective mitigation measures?
  • What levels of maturity exist in supply chain risk management?
  • What types of techniques can be used?

These are questions to which the webinar will provide initial answers, enabling you to pursue further detailed analysis.

Furthermore, there will be an  explanation on how to set up a “digital twin model” of your supply chain, based on simulation technology and for the purpose of risk mitigation and improving your supply chain.

Finally, an example of  a worked out case may trigger your own thoughts on how to proceed in your company.

Danny Boeykens

Danny Boeykens

Mobius Business Redesign

Danny studied Business Economics (Handelsingenieur) at KU Leuven (1980).

Initially he worked as a Business Analyst in the full-continuous chemical industry (Yara – Norsk Hydro), where he later became the ICT manager for the Dutch production plant.

In 1990 he moved to the software industry, where he took the position of product manager for an ERP package, targeting midsize industrial international companies.

Since 2000, he joined Mobius as a partner, where he assists midsize to large industrial companies in Value Chain projects.

On Supply Chain Risk, he was the sponsor and lead of the Vlerick-Mobius research project that resulted in the “dual twin” method that will be discussed in the webinar.