Natasha Devon

Staying sane in the protracted pandemic

Thursday, May 06, 2021
19:00 to 20:00



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As we embark on the second year of living with Covid-19, even the most resilient among us have felt sorrow, frustration, and sometimes anger at the times we are now living in. How will we cope going forward? How can we cope better? How can we help ourselves and our families in these complex and challenging times?

In this session, multi-award-winning mental health campaigner Natasha Devon will give practical tips for how to encourage someone you’re concerned about to open up about their mental health, how to have the conversation in the most productive way possible and what to do if you can’t provide them with a solution.

Following her keynote, Natasha will be joined by Simon Dwyer, organizational psychologist and counselor, Lucian Ionescu, VP, Head of Immunology Europe at UCB Pharma, Jeremy Jennings, President of Community Help Service, and Stephanie Freidberg, Primary School Counselor at St. John’s International School to discuss:

  •  The evolution of the pandemic and what to expect in the months to come
  • How to cope with mental health and family life difficulties in times of COVID
  • Children’s mental health during the pandemic and how parents, teachers and professionals can support them