Real Estate 2021 trends and challenges

Tuesday, January 26, 2021
11:00 to 12:30

The Real Estate sector has certainly been heavily impacted by COVID-19. To list just a few examples, remote working is redefining the use and size of office space, the retail industry has been knocked for six, with a move to online shopping and a corresponding acceleration of e-commerce, there is also an increasing need for data logistics, and finding funds for projects has become even more challenging. COVID-19 has changed both the world and the industry.

So what are the new trends and challenges? 

2021 will undoubtedly also present some very interesting challenges and we would like to invite you to Deloitte's Real Estate Webinar where the Deloitte Belgium Real Estate industry leads will discuss:

  • Real Estate predictions
  • Sustainability
  • Proptech 
  • The new way of working
  • Specific Tax/VAT aspects


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