Lunch & Learn - Crisis Communication

Lunch & Learn - Crisis Communication

Whyte Corporate Affairs
Thursday, June 01, 2023
12:00 to 14:00

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20.00/ P.P.

Join us on Thursday, June 1, for our next Lunch & Learn session where we will get to speak with Eveline De Ridder, Partner and Co-Founder of Whyte Corporate Affairs.

☕ Over lunch, Eveline will give us an introduction to crisis communication with a focus on the below questions, doing so by using real cases and taking you through the how and why of certain decisions.

➡️ How to recognize a crisis?

➡️ Which phases exist in crisis communication?

➡️ How best to deal with each of these phases?

Crisis communication – if well executed – can also deflect or contain a crisis without damaging your reputation. And in the best-case scenario it can even make you emerge stronger and positively boost your reputation. This is easier said than done: in this age of information overload, crises pose a tough challenge for your company.