Deloitte Academy

Deloitte Academy Webinar: Tackling Operational Transfer Pricing

Thursday, September 10, 2020
11:00 to 12:00



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In today’s rapidly changing and currently unprecedented economic environment, companies have to deal with both externally and internally driven pressures, often making the life of a tax manager or director very challenging. AmCham Belgium invites you to attend this webinar presented by Deloitte experts, who assist multinationals with Operational Transfer Pricing matters in their daily practices.

A company’s reputational risk is nowadays much more intertwined with tax (transfer pricing). As such, tax is quite often a topic on the boardroom agenda. All these changes have increased the importance of having a tax (transfer pricing) control framework in place. The benefits of having a proper and well thought-out TP control framework in place are numerous, and include: 

  • Greater accuracy in ETR calculation
  • Efficiency improvement through the standardization of (data collection) processes, also leading to cost reduction
  • Improves the ability to flexibly adjust transfer pricing calculation to react to changed economic circumstances
  • Risk mitigation (through improved tax audit preparation and reduced post year-end TP adjustments)