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Community Welcome Back – Beer & Chocolate Experience

Thursday, September 17, 2020
17:00 to 18:15


70.00/ P.P.

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35.00/ P.P.

AmCham Belgium wants to welcome you back after the Summer break in a special way. Just because we can’t shake hands and network as we used to do, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to connect in our new socially distant reality - and even have a toast!

Tickle your senses and see old and new AmCham friends during this interactive virtual tasting, guided by Werner Callebaut from Bierolade, a certified beer sommelier and a passionate beer and chocolate lover.

Such a virtual tasting, that's just watching a movie, isn't it?

Not at this event! Once you register, we will ask you for your address and we will send you the tasting kit with 4 beers and 8 chocolates directly at your door! We will start with an update about AmCham Belgium's work and activities followed by the tasting session moderated by Werner, where you can ask questions and give comments live. 

To beer or not to beer?

The local traditional beers offer a harmonious taste with the chocolate or they just go for a strong contrast. By means of petty facts and funny details and juicy beer stories, Werner will take you along in the rich and fascinating history of our Belgian beer. Why is Belgium the country of beer chocolate? Is it a coincidence that there are so many references to beer in our Dutch language? How do you best taste, smell and enjoy beer & chocolate?

But first...chocolate!

The pralines are always made by a local top chocolatier. You will discover classic pralines to more surprising combinations with unusual ingredients. What do you think about a wasabi truffle or a praline with apfelstrüdel filling? 

Register now and invite your colleagues, remember that all employees of a member company of AmCham Belgium can join at a member price!

Not a beer or chocolate fan? Contact us, we have options for you!

Register before Monday, September 7 so that we can make sure you receive your Beer & Chocolate kit on time. Cancellations made after the shipment of the box won't be reimbursed. Boxes are sent in a special package all over Belgium (no other country).

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