CMS Webinar - Competition law briefing: gun jumping in M&A

CMS Webinar - Competition law briefing: gun jumping in M&A

Tuesday, November 16, 2021
10:30 to 12:00

In order to avoid hefty fines and lengthy litigation, companies must be able to identify potential gun jumping risks in the course of an M&A transaction. The fact that the General Court of the EU recently broadly validated the fines, now totaling a staggering amount of EUR 118.3 million, imposed by the European Commission on Altice for such infringement is a powerful enough reminder of such risk. To this end, it is critical that they are aware to what extent the exchange of sensitive commercial information with the target or preliminary implementation measures can influence the target’s commercial conduct before the conclusion of the transaction as they could constitute infringements of competition law. It is therefore essential for them to identify red flags in this grey area.
The aim of our training is to introduce you to the practical aspects of gun jumping in merger control that is liable to affect your commercial and acquisition strategy.
This webinar will cover:

  • general legislative overview of merger control in the EU
  • risks associated with gun jumping in M&A transactions
  • practical examples of recent case-law and hands-on guidance on gun jumping
  • key dos and don’ts.

A light sandwich lunch will be served after the session for those who attend the seminar in person.

Our seminar will include a Q&A session.