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AI is ready to deliver superior customer lifetime value

Tuesday, September 29, 2020
16:00 to 16:45


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Despite great enthusiasm for Artificial Intelligence (AI), full-blown deployments remain the exception rather than the rule across businesses in Europe. Businesses can turn the tide by honing their AI strategies, maintaining a human-centric approach, developing governance structures and ensuring AI applications are built on an ethical foundation. This session will help the audience to understand the usage of A.I. in the context of customer lifetime value.    

Gregory Verlinden, AI Director at Cognizant, and Kristof Pelckmans, AI Consulting Director, will help you understand the usage and benefits of AI. As online experiences improve, customers’ expectations are increasing. It’s no longer enough to segment. You need to treat each customer as an individual. Improving experience—creating stickiness in every channel— means knowing customers thoroughly.

This event aims at introducing the benefit of AI on the basis of a case study from a big German car manufacturer. Successful AI Adoption is always the result of leveraging the right mix of human science, domain and technology knowledge.  Lastly, we will also touch the subject on how to prepare your staff for this change. What are the do and don’t? 

In 45 min we will cover: customer lifetime value, real life examples and some practical tips and tricks.

*AmCham Belgium applies a fee to cover administrative and marketing costs and, if the event happens to be open to both members and non-members, to differentiate between the two groups. The partner company is not charging for the event. 

Meet the experts

Kristof Pelckmans

AI Consulting Director

Gregory Verlinden

AI Director at Cognizant