Legal & Taxation Committee

The Legal & Taxation Committee is responsible for monitoring significant tax and legal developments in Belgium, taking into account relevant EU and international aspects. The Committee attempts to influence, in a constructive fashion, legislative and administrative decisions to promote the best interests of the Chamber's members and, more generally, the international business community in Belgium. 


  • To promote a positive investment climate in Belgium with specific regard to fiscal and non-fiscal incentives and, in general, to promote the continued improvement in the overall legal and tax climate for investors.
  • To promote improvements in various tax rules of a more specific nature which are of concern to business and to minimize the additional administrative burden imposed on companies by the introduction of new rules. 
  • To continuously improve the user-friendliness and speed of the daily interface between the Belgian tax authorities and its clients.
  • To promote further cooperation between Belgium and the United States, including the resolution of bilateral transfer pricing disputes and promoting the benefits of closer trade and investment relations.
#BeReady - Brexit event at PwC Legal, 2019

Subcommittees & Position Papers

Customs & Trade Subcommittee

The Customs & Trade Subcommittee's mission is to monitor developments related to trade and customs and work on improving the competitiveness of the Belgian customs environment.

Chaired by Karolien Vandenberghe, Corporate Counsel, Herstal Group

Position Paper

Digital Tax Subcommittee

The Digital Tax Subcommittee monitors developments, shares information and advocates AmCham Belgium's position on digital taxation. More concretely, the Subcommittee follows the OECD’s Pillar I and Pillar II proposals to reform international tax rules as well as the mooted Digital Service Tax in Belgium.

Chaired by Erik Stessens, Senior Vice President, Tax, Europe and APMEA, Mastercard Europe.

Position Papers

Employee Tax Subcommittee

The Employee Tax Subcommittee focuses on personal taxes and social security issues which are related to international employment and drafts recommendations through position papers to advocate with Belgian government officials and political decision-makers. The Subcommittee has recently been working on solutions to ensure Belgium's attractiveness for highly skilled foreign executives and professionals. To attract and maintain investments in the field of innovation in Belgium, the Subcommittee continues to work on safeguarding Belgium’s employee-related R&D tax incentives.

Chaired by An De Reymaeker, Tax Lawyer - Partner, Vandendijk & Partners.

Position Papers

Legal Subcommittee

The Legal Subcommittee monitors and informs the AmCham Belgium member community on pertinent legal developments, such as the new Belgian Code of Companies & Associations and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Chaired by Tom Swinnen, Executive Director M&A/Transaction Law, EY Law.

Position Papers

Regional Tax Subcommittee

The Regional Tax Subcommittee follows regional tax developments relevant for the international business community in Belgium. The Subcommittee's program is growing, reflecting the existing complexity in Belgium resulting from diverging tax rules in the three regions of the country.

Chaired by Ferenc Ballegeer, Lawyer, FB-Tax & Private Wealth Law.

Position Papers

Tax Horizon 2025 Subcommittee

The Tax Horizon 2025 Subcommittee looks at the overall competitiveness of Belgium with respect to corporate taxation. It puts forward proposals for the medium- and longer-term reform of Belgium’s corporate tax system and monitors related Belgian and international developments, such as the OECD’s ‘BEPS 2.0’ initiative.

Chaired by Koen Van Ende, Partner Corporate Tax Practice, KPMG Tax and Legal Advisers. 

Position Papers

VAT Subcommittee

The VAT Subcommittee monitors VAT-related developments and works with the Belgian authorities to make the country's VAT system as business friendly as possible. The Subcommittee also follows developments related to Brexit and relevant initiatives at the EU level. 

Chaired by Ine Lejeune, Independent Attorney.

Position Paper

The L&T Committee in action

Pictures from Legal & Taxation Committee events and activities

Become eligible for the Legal & Taxation Committee

Apply for membership at AmCham Belgium and become eligible to join our Legal & Taxation Committee and its Subcommittees.

Upcoming meetings and events

Legal Subcommittee meeting

Legal Subcommittee meeting

Committee members

The Committee is composed of corporate counsels and in-house tax managers as well as lawyers and tax experts from law firms and consultancies of all sizes.

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