Innovative Healthcare Committee

The Innovative Healthcare Committee (IHC) is a unique cross-industry platform that goes beyond a silo approach to health. The IHC aims to be a reliable and effective partner to all healthcare stakeholders, with the goal of creating a sustainable healthcare ecosystem while empowering patients and improving the quality of care.


  • Foster innovation in healthcare;
  • Establish value-based healthcare;
  • Raise awareness of political stakeholders and contribute to improving healthcare;
  • Promote the use of data in healthcare;
  • Eliminate silos and ensure collaboration between all levels of power and all stakeholders;
  • Contribute to the implementation of integrated care in Belgium.
Innovative Healthcare in Belgium: Outlook and Challenges, a policy debate

Main themes

Empowerment and Integrated Care

Empowerment and Integrated Care

There is a need for a shift from a disease-centered approach to a patient-centered approach. Empowering patients to co-manage their health in partnership with caregivers, including industry, is an important step towards developing a sustainable healthcare system. Owing to its multi-disciplinary membership, the IHC is well placed to help untangle the complex patient-centered healthcare puzzle.

Healthcare System Efficiency

Healthcare System Efficiency

New healthcare technologies and therapies are revolutionizing the healthcare approach. New pathway insights and a more efficient exchange of information across all healthcare partners will pave the way toward better, faster and more cost-effective outcomes and disease management at all levels. Interoperability is essential to establish the infrastructure of tomorrow’s health system.

Competitiveness and New Business Models

Competitiveness and New Business Models

The IHC aims to retain and reinforce Belgium’s unique position as a leading healthcare hub, and by doing so make Belgium attractive for further healthcare-related investments. We must further develop cross-industry learning and multi-stakeholder collaboration, including new organizational and financial models. We will contribute to new integrated care models, allowing for – controlled – early access to innovation, demonstrating relevant clinical value, and ultimately developing new, value-based healthcare models.

The IHC in action

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Committee members

As a cross-industry platform, Innovative Healthcare Committee members range from pharmaceutical, medical device and technology and clinical research companies to banks, consultancies, law firms, logistics service providers and ICT and insurance companies.

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David Gaier

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