Human Capital and Talent Committee

The Human Capital and Talent Committee’s role is to promote a positive employment environment in Belgium which attracts and develops international businesses and their employees and contributes to their continued success.


Going beyond pure human resources, the Human Capital and Talent Committee encourages the sharing of best practices between its members on relevant topics such as talent recruitment and retention, employee engagement, compensation and benefits and diversity & inclusion. The Committee aims to engage in a broader discussion on the future of work in Belgium, looking at the type of employment ecosystem Belgium would like and can achieve in the future.

The Committee continues to monitor and respond to relevant policy developments with the goal of improving the investment and employment climate in Belgium. Current and emerging issues include:

  • Labor costs;
  • Labor market flexibility;
  • Talent gap and the war for talent;
  • Corporate immigration;
  • Data protection;
  • Healthy working.
AmCham Belgium Human Capital and Talent Committee


  • Immigration Taskforce

    The Immigration Taskforce is a trusted advisor to the Federal and Regional Governments with respect to economic migration. The Taskforce provides feedback on policy decisions, based on its practical experience and knowledge of migration legislation and how this affects international businesses. The Taskforce makes sure that the voices and business needs of international companies are heard at national and regional levels and develops position papers on a range of immigration issues. The Taskforce meets regularly with governments and administrations to share knowledge and affect policy change, particularly with the aim of reducing red tape and the administrative burden of complying with immigration regulations.

    Chaired by Jo Antoons, Attorney and Managing Partner, Fragomen Global LLP. 

  • Labor Market Flexibility Taskforce

    The Labor Market Flexibility Taskforce is committed to monitor and review relevant policy developments and make recommendations to the Belgian Government on measures that can improve the flexibility of the country's labor market. The Taskforce has developed innovative proposals related to employee timekeeping, the lending of personnel and the creation of a “platform economy credit”.

    Chaired by Stefan Nerinckx, Partner Employment and Pensions, Fieldfisher (Belgium) LLP. 

The Human Capital and Talent Committee in action

Pictures from Human Capital and Talent Committee events and activities

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Committee members

The Human Capital and Talent Committee brings together senior representatives from some of the largest employers in Belgium as well as specialists from the recruitment, legal and tax professions.

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Sarah Ceulemans, Committee Coordinator

Sarah Ceulemans

Committee Coordinator