Government Relations Forum

Promoting dialogue between international companies and Belgian policymakers

The Government Relations Forum (GRF) aims to promote the regular exchange of viewpoints and constructive dialogue between Belgium-based international companies and federal and regional policymakers and other stakeholders.

Together with AmCham Belgium’s other policy Committees – Human Capital and Talent, Legal & Taxation and Innovative Healthcare – the GRF plays an important role in communicating the priorities of the international business community and stimulating the improvement of Belgium’s business and investment climate.

It gives public affairs professionals from our member companies the opportunity to meet on a regular basis and directly discuss issues of concern with policymakers from all levels of government (Fraction Leaders, Members of Parliament, Chiefs of Ministerial Cabinets, Ministers…).


  • Enable its members to make strong personal and direct connections with key policymakers;
  • Leverage strong federal and regional political contacts;
  • Promote and communicate business recommendations;
  • Provide political strategy and tactics for AmCham Belgium;
  • Identify areas of interest for the business community;
  • Be a recognized, visible and valuable source of information.
Government Relations Forum - AmCham Belgium


  • Sustainability & Innovation Subcommittee

    The Subcommittee aims to come in support to member companies in their sustainability journeys, taking into account their needs and the evolving regulatory landscape in its activities. The Subcommittee will also work to strengthen the Chamber’s cross-sectoral voice and positioning on this topic.

    Chaired by Gilda Neiman, Vice-President of AmCham Belgium.

    The Subcommittee's Mission Statement, with more details on its priorities and focus areas, can be found here. 

The GRF in action

Pictures from Government Relations Forum events and activities

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