Antwerp Chapter

The Antwerp Chapter’s aim is to improve business and investment opportunities for the large US-Belgian business community in the Antwerp region and develop an active program of local/regional activities in this region.


  • Develop a regular program of activities in the Antwerp region;
  • Provide networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities, with particular attention to industrial companies and logistics activities;
  • Strengthen the ties between Antwerp and the US;
  • Develop AmCham Belgium's membership in the region and reach more people within Antwerp-based companies.


Antwerp Chapter - Visit to the Port of Antwerp, 2013

Become eligible for the Antwerp Chapter

Apply for membership at AmCham Belgium and become eligible to join our Antwerp Chapter.

Committee members

The Antwerp Chapter is led by a Steering Group of senior business leaders from international companies in the region.

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