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What’s in a name: From HR to Human Capital and Talent

Sibille Allgayer, Office Manager, AmCham Belgium

New year, revamped Committee! As of January 2020, the Human Resources Committee is changing its name to the Human Capital and Talent Committee.

While the mission of the Committee remains unchanged – to promote a positive employment environment in Belgium which attracts and develops international businesses and their employees and contributes to their continued success –its work in recent years has expanded to include issues that go beyond pure human resources, to encompass the wide range of issues that influence the employment climate in Belgium.

David Webber, Chair of the Committee noted that “members were keen to project a more proactive message about employment. Clearly Belgium has a lot of assets when it comes to its people – talent, languages, skills etc – but there are a number of areas where through working closely with the authorities positive changes can be achieved”, he continued.

Particularly in anticipation of the formation of a new Federal Government, the Human Capital and Talent (HCT) Committee aims to engage in a broader discussion on the future of work in Belgium, looking at the type of employment ecosystem Belgium would like and can achieve in the future – a ‘blueprint’ for work! In this respect, the Committee will promote the idea that employment is a cross-party issue that requires an open dialogue and long-term vision – not quick fixes. It will highlight the changing relationship people have with work – the so-called ‘Millennial effect’ – and it will recognize the role of automation, AI and human skills in a future work environment.

To advance its goals, in 2020 the Human Capital and Talent Committee plans to initiate several events open to all AmCham Belgium members. The first of these will be an event on healthy working, organized in collaboration with the Innovative Healthcare Committee and focused on the lifecycle of burnout. Later in the year, an event on tech talent and digitalization and one on the employee experience are planned.

Through its Immigration Taskforce, the HCT Committee will continue to work on the challenges surrounding the implementation of the EU Single Permit Directive in Belgium, which is affecting many AmCham Belgium member companies and is a key topic of interest to employees and employers alike. With the next round of social elections taking place in a few months, the topic of labor relations will also be high on the Committee’s agenda. Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) remains top of mind not only with our HR-focused members, but throughout our entire community and the committee will work with the Chamber to ensure the success of its own D&I strategy.

The HCT Committee will continue to monitor and respond to relevant policy developments. Current and emerging topics include:

  • Data protection, i.e. the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on HR functions in Belgium.
  • Labor market flexibility, including employee benefits and compensation models, in collaboration with the Employee Taxation Subcommittee.
  • Corporate immigration, with particular regard to recent changes such as the EU Single Permit Directive.
  • Healthy working, in collaboration with the Innovative Healthcare Committee.

The Human Capital and Talent Committee is eager to work with all AmCham Belgium Committees and members in making Belgium a more attractive place to work and invest.

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Sibille Allgayer

Sibille Allgayer

Human Capital and Finance Manager