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Ensure a successful and sustainable transformation towards excellence

Gert Billen, Consultant & Frédéric Loose, Consultant, Möbius Business Redesign

A lot of organizations have started setting up an operational excellence or continuous improvement program. However, when talking to our customers we hear these programs are often not reaching the desired results.

Therefore we have developed a holistic approach for enterprise excellence, based on proven methodologies, research and innovative thinking.

How to achieve enterprise excellence with the Möbius Enterprise Excellence model?

Guiding the business

Setting up an excellence program starts with setting the direction for the business: What is the purpose of the company, i.e. how does the company create value for the customer?

Running the business

The main goal of day-to-day operations is to consistently achieve the performance goals that have been set. This can be done by setting up systems (a collection of highly integrated tools to accomplish a specific outcome) that will drive the behavior in the organization.

Improving the business

When the business is running its daily operations, the next step is to constantly improve. Improvement management is important to make sure each improvement in tackled on the right level in the organization.


The affiliates working in the business are the most important asset of a business and support together with leadership the execution and improvement. That is why they make up an important place in our model.


Leaders are the driving force behind the change from top management to first-line managers. Our model foresees several processes and tools to support leadership in this mission.

Ensuring the five blocks of the Enterprise Excellence model are aligned and work together is the key to a successful and sustainable transformation.

The Möbius Enterprise Excellence model

The Möbius Enterprise Excellence model

In this mini-guide, we 

  • give a high-level explanation of our Enterprise Excellence model 
  • explain each of the model’s building blocks more in detail 
  • provide several cases illustrating the application of the model in practice 

About the authors

  • Gert Billen, Consultant, Möbius Business Redesign

    Gert has 10 years of experience in Operational Excellence with a focus on services companies. He has helped organizations such as Belfius, Partena Professional and Luminus increase their internal efficiency by designing and implementing a variety of OPEX tools. Feel free to contact him via or book a meeting via this link:

  • Frédéric Loose, Consultant, Möbius Business Redesign

    Frédéric assists companies within the industry sector and is passionate about Operational Excellence and guiding organizations in delivering value. He started his career at Volvo Trucks and for the last five years, he has been helping organizations such as BASF, Knauf and Jumbo in increasing their OPEX mindset and culture. Feel free to contact him via or book a meeting via this link: