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Donaldson supports social integration with United Fund for Belgium

Aurélie Notebaert, Project Manager Allocations, Communications and Fundraising, United Fund for Belgium

For more than 45 years, United Fund for Belgium (UFB) has provided help to disadvantaged people everywhere in Belgium.


United Fund for Belgium enables donors, together with their stakeholders, to have a tangible and lasting social impact and to create a sense of community, locally. 100% of the funds collected are fully redistributed to local charities throughout Belgium to finance concrete projects. Each proposed project is rigorously selected and is subject to a preliminary field visit. Like this, UFB maintains a connection with the actors on the ground and seeks to understand the real needs in order to have an immediate impact. Additionally, our actions help support a maximum of small and medium-sized local charities, close to their community, and give them more visibility. United Fund for Belgium complies with the Code of Conduct of the “Association pour une Ethique dans les Récoltes de Fonds” (AERF) and with Donorinfo.



This year, United Fund for Belgium distributed €634,500 to 79 different Belgian charities. The official handover ceremony was hosted and organized by Donaldson Europe, a UFB donor for more than 20 years and a great testament to the win-win collaboration between United Fund for Belgium and companies. Donaldson is a company that cares a lot about corporate social responsibility, making a priority out of supporting the communities in which they operate. During the ceremony, Wim Vermeersch, Vice-President & Managing Director of Donaldson EMEA, introduced the company and explained how Donaldson has been supporting social projects in Belgium for many years, thanks to United Fund for Belgium.

The ceremony continued with presentations from two of the associations that will benefit from the funds. They each presented their projects and explained how they will use the money donated by the organization. U/Turn, an impressive association that organizes challenging walking tours for people with disabilities, is planning to use the money to buy a minibus in order to easily bring people and the necessary materials to different locations. The second organization, Haut Regard, is a center for people with mental disabilities, and it will use the funds to replace the heating system for their residents. 

About 80 people from different associations as well as volunteers and other donors attended the event, providing an excellent networking opportunity. For donors, this was an ideal moment to meet people from the field and have a real contact with the associations that they – with the help of United Fund for Belgium – are helping fund.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Donaldson once more for organizing this great event!


You can join the companies that trust us and have and have partnered with United Fund for Belgium for their community projects. Your company can also support our actions (e.g.: sale of dedicated products) and participate in some events organized by our organization (e.g.: Brussels 20K Race, Old Car Rally...).

If you would like to personally get involved with our activities, you can become a volunteer. You and/or your company can also make a donation on the account: BE71 9530 0000 0369 - UFB (Tax deductibility from €40 onwards - bank transfer, standing order, testamentary will).
We are available to talk about how we could cooperate and to eventually seek a partnership with your company. This way you too can support social integration in Belgium! For more information, contact our Executive Director, Catherine Tricot at

About the author

Aurélie Notebaert, Project Manager Allocations, Communications and Fundraising, United Fund for Belgium

Aurélie is the main contact point for the associations but also participates in enhancing the communication about United Fund for Belgium and to promote the importance of social integration in different companies all over Belgium.
With thanks to Donaldson for their contribution to writing this article.