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AI in Digital Marketing: implement tomorrow’s tech, today

Panos Zachariadis, Director of Marketing & Communications, MCI Benelux

Traditional and digital marketing have both improved radically over the past years with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as AI-powered tools and machine learning. One of the major differentiating factors between digital marketing and traditional marketing is linked to data. From gathering, editing and interpreting data, digital marketing has the benefit of providing (in many cases, if not all) real-time data on all different, and many times simultaneous, advertising activities.

In the COVID-19 era, adspend is declining, companies are holding on to their budgets, and the presence of Performance and Programmatic Advertising has made marketeers across the board more vigilant and knowledgeable about where they should spend their budgets. So, how does AI come into play and how can companies skyrocket their digital marketing results by using AI?

Behavior prediction

When your customers respond to one of your offers, you can use AI models of behavior prediction to help you identify their characteristics. Start by setting business goals and look out for patterns that match the needs of your business.

AMP and loading time

Search engines use AI to better rank a website. That is why Google created Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a technology that you can use to create a lighter version of your website. That version must follow the rules set by Google that you can find here. When AMP is combined with AI, businesses can improve the ranking of their website and their digital marketing.

AI and personalized data

By collecting and processing data, AI will help you get more and more satisfied customers. Data like the location of the user, his/her device or demographic details can be used to improve your digital marketing campaigns. Each customer is unique; that is why personalized marketing is of paramount importance.

AI and content optimization

Content is king, and it is the cornerstone of every successful digital marketing campaign. Without content, there is no need to perform digital marketing. There are many tools like acrolinx that use AI to optimize your content in order to capture the attention of your customers.

Other tools that can help you improve your digital marketing efforts, powered by AI, are:, Grammarly, Uberflip, BrightFunnel, and Chatfuel.


There are multiple benefits to deploying AI-powered tools and techniques today. Imagine the time and the effort that you need to process data deriving from your campaigns. By using AI, you can export and process massive amounts of data in a few minutes.

AI is here to stay. In today’s world with COVID-19 being a reality, all digital marketing experts and their organizations are looking into ways to optimize results without increasing their budgets. AI is the best way to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal use of resources.

About the author

Panos Zachariadis, Director of Marketing & Communications, MCI Benelux

Panos has been working for over 10 years in marketing, communications and PR. His past experience is divided between a digital marketing agency within one of the largest investment holding companies in SE Europe, Edelman and NATO HQ in Brussels. His professional experience is combined with a relevant academic background, with studies in computer science, a Bachelor in Business Studies, a Master in Marketing, an MBA, an Executive Master in Digital Marketing and Communications and a series of Certificates from Google, Microsoft and others.