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10 Companies Which Say #Yes2Belgium for Logistics

For many US companies, Belgium is a strategic location in their global supply chains, valued for its central location, skilled workforce and transport infrastructure. Here are just a few examples of US companies with significant logistics operations in Belgium:

1. Caterpillar


Belgium is a key portal for Caterpillar’s activities, with important logistics centers in Grimbergen and Zeebrugge. The connections to global ocean and air networks are essential for a high velocity and cost-effective distribution chain.

2. Chevron Phillips International

Chevron Philips

Chevron Phillips International has widespread logistics activities in Belgium, which has a key competitive advantage thanks to its excellent logistics network, with road, rail and maritime transportation. The company moves a broad variety of products and packaging in Belgium, ranging from chemicals in drums to bulk in portable tanks and polymers in bags.

3. Coca-Cola European Partners


Coca-Cola has been active in Belgium for 90 years and continues to invest in local production, distribution and sales. Coca-Cola European Partners has three production sites, five distribution centers, a technical center and a HQ in Belgium, employing more than 2,400 people.

4. Dow


Belgium is an important country for Dow in terms of logistics, using all transport modalities available – including the ports of Antwerp and Ghent, Zaventem Airport, and the road and rail networks – to connect to markets in Europe and beyond and to other Dow sites in neighboring countries. 

5. JLL


JLL is a market leader in the industrial and logistics leasing market. Belgium has an existing logistics stock of almost 22 million square meters and benefits from its location at the heart of the so-called logistics ‘blue banana’ which unites prime distribution hubs in Europe. 

6. McDonald’s


McDonald’s has been working with logistics service provider Havi Logistics for more than 20 years for procuring (stock ownership), warehousing and distribution of food and non-food products in Belgium. Together, they continuously aim to innovate, having already enhanced their recycling and waste process along the supply chain.

7. Skechers


Skechers opened its European Distribution Centre (EDC) in Liège in 2002. The choice for Belgium was easy, as it’s an excellent location at the heart of Europe, with highly developed road, rail and waterway infrastructure, and a pool of skilled workers.

8. Unilin


Unilin, part of the Mohawk Group, has nine production sites in Belgium. Unilin has invested heavily in automation by installing six spherical robots to deal with picking, packing and pallet change. The robots not only optimize the workflow, but also ensure a highly flexible ordering system for the client.

9. United Cargo


United Cargo is deeply anchored in Belgium and operates three non-stop widebody flights per day from Brussels Airport to its key US hubs in Chicago, New York and Washington DC. These flights have the capacity to connect cargo customers in Belgium with virtually every major cargo market worldwide.

10. UPS


UPS is a global leader in logistics and offers a broad range of solutions to facilitate international trade, using advanced technology to move the world of business in the most efficient way. UPS has seven locations in Belgium, including the UPS Europe Region HQ in Brussels, manages a fleet of 150 vehicles and has a network of more than 900 Belgium-based UPS access point locations.