Most engaged member companies

AmCham Belgium’s strength as an organization depends on the engagement of its members. Already a tradition at the Chamber, the AmChampion Awards recognize the member companies within our community that have been most engaged over the past year. As our community is diverse, we name several AmChampions every year to recognize the different ways in which members can engage with and contribute to the Chamber.

2022 AmChampion Awards

2021 AmChampion Awards

As Janssen, we believe itʼs important to engage with AmCham, because together you achieve more.

Emely Mintiens, Janssen Pharmaceutica

2020 AmChampion Awards

We’re talking about a win-win for all parties. As a member, you actually contribute, you support the community. But you also get support from the community.

Patrick Rottiers, EY Belgium

2019 AmChampion Awards

This sharing of experience and knowledge between the AmCham Belgium members and the different stakeholders is one of the Chamber’s key strengths in my experience.

Koen Van Ende, KPMG Belgium

2018 AmChampion Awards

To engage with AmCham Belgium is essential for the success of your membership. It’s like a vending machine: the more you put into AmCham Belgium, the more will come out.

Dave Deruytter, ING Belgium

Are you our next AmChampion?
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