AmCham Belgium is a member-funded and member-led non-profit organization. We depend on annual membership dues, the generous support of our Strategic Sponsors as well as advertising and event sales to finance our operations; we do not accept subsidies from public authorities in order to maintain our independence. We are committed to transparency – also financial transparency – as part of our responsibility towards our members and as an actor in the public debate. Our annual accounts, summarized below, are available for consultation upon request.

Political Outreach

AmCham Belgium is registered in the Chamber of Representatives’ Lobby Register. Our registration number is 2019/101.

Outreach meetings

Date With whom Topic
January 14 Groen 2019 Priorities for a Prosperous Belgium
January 16 Parti Socialiste - PS Healthcare
January 16 N-VA 2019 Priorities for a Prosperous Belgium
January 20 Tax Authorities Expat Regime
January 22 N-VA Single Permit
February 12 Parti Socialiste - PS study center (Institut Emile Vandervelde) 2019 Priorities for a Prosperous Belgium
March 3 Parti Socialiste - PS Members of the Federal Parliament 2019 Priorities for a Prosperous Belgium
June 11 Cabinet of Brussels Minister Bernard Clerfayt Single Permit
June 19

Walloon Permit Administration

Cabinet of Walloon Vice-President Willy Borsus

Cabinet of Walloon Minister Christie Morreale

Wallonia Export & Investment Agency (AWEX)

Single Permit
July 15 Open VLD Healthcare
July 16 Open VLD study center (Studiecentrum
Albert Maertens)
August 27 N-VA Healthcare
October 28 N-VA Taxation